Artist Collaboration: Maria Paterson and Edward A. Kingsbury III

Collaborative Drawing, Maria Paterson and Edward Kingbury III.

Collaborative Drawing; Maria Pederson and Edward Kingsbury III

This collaborative work was created over several months by artists Maria Paterson and Edward A. Kingsbury III. On the collaboration, Paterson writes, "Ed's drawings brought to me thoughts of currents, winds and the passage of time. His lines move and shift contained in a form that has a life of its own. 

It was these shapes that inspired me to create 3d forms from his drawings.  I was working with an old weathered bovine bone at the time, exploring the notion of time and bones being the evidence and last remains of life. The marks caused by the wind, sun and rain.

I asked Ed to draw a series of shapes onto rice paper as I had originally thought we could  apply them to a 3D form. On receiving them we decided to create the forms from those  drawings. I chose six of Eds drawings to create sculptures from.  I then sent the sculptures back to Ed and he drew new lines directly onto their surface creating new shapes contained within his original outlines

The arrangement of the forms represents the fragments of remains ,weathered by existence.  The lines on the surfaces of these fragments reflecting memories of life that was. Just as the elements of nature mark the passage of time onto the surface of the bones."

This collaboration brought about unexpected results. Both Paterson and Kingsbury usually work two-dimensionally with ink. It will be interesting to see how their individual work evolves as a result of this project.