Maria Paterson: Thought and Process

The Farm

Forest Pool

The Red and Yellow Horse 

Under Construct 

My recent artworks have emerged from my experiences over the past three years. A time of extreme changes and transitions.

Using drawing mediums such as graphite, ink and watercolor, I can use more direct marks on the surface alongside the uncertainty of water, its fluidity allows my movements to be involved without too much control, it creates a buffer between me and the need to control the every detail of the surface. I will often use a feather rather than a brush for this reason. By also limiting my use of color to more monochromatic palettes I can communicate more depth in my emotional responses to this environment, allowing more scope to create contrast, emphasizing the lights and dark. I want to use the materials in an intuitive sense, letting the artwork dictate direction. 

Taking that further in “forest pool” I take apart an artwork to reconstruct over another overlaying its parts onto a previous work, combining and breaking apart reforming the pictorial space, creating different modalities in the same work, views reflecting the shifting alternating states of being.



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