Edward A Kingsbury III: Drawing and Process

Dogonimilro; 5 x 14 in.; 2012

Guomomoslinigo; 75 x 10; 2013.

Iglopofoustoulimo; 14 x 10 in.; 2014

Nini; 9 x 12 in.; 2012
Xili; 10 x 14 in.; 2014

The works on display are abstractions created with Pen and Ink on Paper.  The process is a meditative practice.  The images are formed organically without preconception.  The drawings are highly focused flow of gestural movements.  The process creates a conscious peaceful spiritual experience. 

The works are best viewed by examining the detailed pen strokes up close and then stepping back to see the full composition.   The intentions of the visual experience of viewing the work is to allow the mind to relax and that results in a plethora of visual stimuli.  The titles are intended to give each piece its own unique name with the meaning of the name being the drawing itself. This style has been produced since 2004.

Expanded asked Edward A. Kingsbury III  about his process.

EX: What effect does mark making on your mind and body?

EAKIII: The body and mind reacts in a semi-trance like state where my mind focuses on allowing the body to develop a free flow of movement within a very constrained area. 
The body becomes relaxed and content.  The mind becomes excited with its freedom to wander.

About the Artist-Edward A. Kingsbury III is a self-taught artist who works in many mediums.  In 1998 art became a part of Edward`s life.  Art was an outcome from the changes in Edward`s life do to the restrictions from Crohn`s Disease.