The Lichen Project: Artist Collaboration Joana Fischer and Edward A. KIngsbury III

Interweaving I

Interweaving II

Interweaving III

As part of The Lichen Project, artists Joana Fischer and Edward A. Kingsbury III created these interdependent drawings. The layers have a transparency, making them appear breath through each other. Both artists were interviewed about their experience.

EXDP: How did you both decide what to do?

JF: Edward suggested to do a series of 2-3 works and to work in the dimensions of 9-12 or 11-14 inches.  Usually, I use a coat of layered paint underneath my drawings. This is what we started with. For our works I used matte and clear drafting film and applied the layered paint on it. Once finished I sent it to Edward. He then continued with his drawings and sent it back to me. I completed the works with more drawings. Edward’s drawings somewhat hover in front. My drawings are drawn on the back of the film.

EKIII:1. My work is an intuitive expression.  I trust that I will produce something of interest without a preconception. 

EXDP: Did this collaboration spark any new ideas in your future work?

JF: I love Edward’s drawing style. These small circular repetitive elements.  I could certainly envision drawing more free flowing forms in my works in the future.

EKIII: I have been thinking about layering my work and it worked out well with Joana's work.  I liked her work and the outcome.  It was a nice collaboration.