Duets: Shannon Belardi and Peter Foucault


A duet is defined as being a musical composition where two performers have equal importance in creating a piece.

Expanded's version of Duets brings two visual artist's works together to see how they can affect the other.

Shannon Belardi, An Aramid Test

Peter Foucault, Staccato Series 2

Of her work, Shannon Belardi writes, "In these recent drawings I investigate different ways of organizing accumulated and convoluted marks on paper by abstracting them into a harmony of grids and spectrums. These works are spawned from my growing interest in the practice of collecting and archiving, specifically historical objects and their relationship to landscape history.

Peter Foucault "utilizes systems developed by the artist to produce complex abstract compositions. At the root of these projects is a constant tension between control and the loss of control."-Excerpt from Foucault's artist statement.