Jenny Herrick: The Compression of Time and Space

My work explores the elusive nature of progress and our trivial relationship to this vast and unpredictable universe. It is about the compression of time and space. As the K-T boundary marks the finite shift between two vastly different versions of our world (the Cretaceous and the Paleogene), my work suggests potentials that will never be and pasts that never were. Through a physical flattening of 3-dimensional forms, my paintings, drawings and prints, by the very nature of the mediums the occupy, describe impossibilities; the nets of cubes and tetrahedrons will never be the sculptural objects they describe, and the violently compressed organic forms of the dead animal prints will never again be suggestive of life. My videos play with our understanding of time, space and form by asking the viewer to ponder whether they are observing a process of construction or deconstruction, progression or regression; time moves both forward and backward and forms are looped upon themselves creating sequences with no concrete beginning or end. In all of the work there is a technical exactitude and a mechanical precision which feebly aims to reflect the perfection of nature. In this process of reflection there is an acknowledgement of the fact that the present is all we have.

Jenny Herrick is a Los Angeles-based artist whose practice encompasses painting, drawing, printmaking and video. She has exhibited her work throughout the US and has screened her videos internationally. She holds a BFA from RISD and an MFA from Yale, and she is an a professor at Whittier College.