Sight Drawings (Snow) 10: 23 a.m. -10: 34 a.m.

Manu Romeiro: Subtle Encounters

David Lemm: Imagined Signage Systems

In Conversation Online Programs at the Drawing Center

Duets: Jay Shinn and Sarah FitzSimons

Duets: Dragana Crnjak and Gelah Penn

Sight Drawing (Reflections) No. 23, 2:09 p.m.

Duets: Sabine Kussmaul and Jaanika Peerna

Duets: Shannon Belardi and Peter Foucault

Becky Slemmons: Ghosts

Becky Slemmons: Memorial

Progression(s): Drawing Between Dimensions, Time, and Space

Duets: Leekyung Kang and Ming Ying Hong