Progression(s): Drawing Between Dimensions, Time, and Space

Progression(s) explores a dialogue between dimensions, media, and time to expand how to see and experience drawing. 

Conglomerate (Progressions), are composed of cement slabs and plexiglass (and sit on cement). The term relates to musical chord progressions produced over time to stir harmonies. Made in relation to shifting sunlight and shadows, they were constructed outside over the course of several days and/or hours. Shadow lines are observed and recorded on and from materials to mark their movements and extend the drawing activity. Different stages are photographed to record unexpected alignments.

The works on paper, Progressions, are a series of reductive still lifes created from single digital images of Conglomerates. They pull out the darkest darks and lightest lights, revealing pathways of light. Varying degrees of information are left in each work to decipher form. This removes them from their original context and opens them to new avenues of interpretation.

Shuffling(s) works on paper are created in response to concepts explored in theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time. Rovelli writes about time at the quantum level  where the past, present, and future are blurred. Shuffling(s) are generated from multiple overlays of digital images of Conglomerates taken within split seconds. These are drawn on top of each other on a single piece of paper. Intersecting lines and shapes are then painted in various shades of gray. The resulting combinations of lines, shapes, and tones interact in states of entropic accord. Forms fracture in between time. Unforeseen harmonies and alignments emerge from the process

-Nicole Lenzi