Ming Ying Hong: Amalgamations

Amalgamation #1, Graphite on mylar, 49"x37", 2017

Amalgamation #2, 50” x 39”, Graphite on mylar, 2018

Amalgamation #3, Graphite on mylar, 49"x37", 2018

Amalgamation #4, Graphite on mylar, 50"x39", 2019

Amalgamation # 5, Graphite on mylar, 50"x39", 2019

Amalgamation Series

In this continuing series, highly detailed drawings explore power through depictions of a reimagined body that is both beautiful and grotesque, masculine and feminine, vulnerable and assertive. The system in which some bodies are privileged over another is dismantled by combining the idealized with the abnormal. Masculinity no longer prevails over the feminine; strength no longer prevails over the delicate; and stability no longer prevails over the broken.  The work considers a more complex spectrum of identity that refutes the idea of valuing the body in terms of our clear-cut definitions and hierarchies.


Ming Ying Hong is an interdisciplinary artist based in Starkville, Mississippi. She has exhibited throughout the United States in spaces such as the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis and the Ice Box Gallery in Philadelphia. Her work has been featured in many publications—most recently, in MANIFEST Gallery’s International Drawing Annual 11.  Currently, she teaches at Mississippi State University. 

For more on her work visit www.mingyinghong.com.