Andreea Albani: Lines as Signs






Born in 1988, in Bucharest Romania, Andreea Albani currently lives and works in Paris, France. She graduated the National University of Art, Bucharest, Romania, in 2009, and the M.A. program in Painting in 2011. Andreea Albani is a multidisciplinary artist, whose interest is the connection between line and gesture, especially in contemporary drawing. She exhibited both nationally and internationally (Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, South Korea, UK, USA).

Over time I have been interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to understand the relationship between body and gesture, gesture-line, line-space, line-time, as well as the autonomy of the line from a non-representational perspective. To explore these connections I use the gesture in a performative way, as an instinctive guide, to build a personal universe, the line thus becoming a form of language, spontaneous and direct.

In this context, various questions and personal experiences have generated multiple experiments: the line as mark- making, the line as a constructor and a deconstructor; the line as a form of time; or the line as the most direct and raw form of thought translation, transposing non-verbal experiences into a “written-drawing”. Time, memory, the sedimentation of thoughts and emotions are the subject of my reflections, in which the line has a dual role: one of construction and one of observation. 

Image details:
1. “Untitled, (Time #0.6) Cut the line”, 200x200 cm, collage, sewing thread, charcoal, chalk on canvas, 2018
2. “Untitled, (Time #0.6) Cut the line”, 50x50 cm, sewing thread, 2018
3. “Untitled, (Time #0.6) Cut the line”, 50x50 cm, collage, sewing thread , charcoal, oil on canvas, 2018
4. “Untitled, (Time #0.6) Cut the line”, 200x200 cm, collage on canvas, 2018
5. “Untitled”, 140x140 cm, charcoal on canvas, 2018.

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