Clare Churchouse: Visual Mapping Systems






These pieces explore the relation of drawing, regarded as a system of mark making, to contemporary data visualization systems and to the recording of memories. In this work, local, sometimes geopolitical, histories are transformed into information structures. These drawings incorporate depictions of objects, axonometric projections, elevations, remnants of archival maps, and abstract marks. Various systems of time keeping and language usage, including timelines and scales, are referenced. Many details are removed to create spare, chart- or map-like works that render narrative into a material dimension.

My investigations consist of two related series: 1) wall-based installations made up of thread, chalk marks and pencil lines; and 2) drawings on mylar. The former investigate the intersection between painting and wall installation and utilize materials in a limited painting space on and in front of the wall. The latter play descriptive lines off more abstract pencil marks in repeated grids on mylar, and often include printed photographs that I mostly erase.

The works document how materiality, space and temporal changes constitute a kind of visual or mapping system wherein we remember a place. The finished drawings contain contradictory spaces and incomplete narratives.






     1. Quandrant Remade
     Wall installation: mixed media
50” x 53” x 1” (2015)

     2.21 or If I Built a Building Would It Fall Down
     Wall installation, detail: mixed media
83” x 172” x 7” (2015)

      3.21 or If I Built a Building Would It Fall Down
      Wall installation, detail: mixed media
      83” x 172” x 7” (2015)

4. UTM with Legend
Wall installation: mixed media
65” x 96” x 2” (2015)

     5. UTM without Legend
Wall installation, detail: mixed media
65” x 96” x 2” (2015)

     6. 3pm Escape
Wall installation, detail: mixed media
63” x 49” x 2” (2015)

     7. 3pm Escape
Wall installation, detail: mixed media

63” x 49” x 2” (2015)

     8. Seven
Wall installation: mixed media
74” x 62” x 1” (2015)

9. One Place Which was Brought to a Place
Wall Installation, detail: mixed media
156” x 696” x 48” (2011)
Photo: Etienne Frossard

10. 5 Hours Between Now and Then
Wall installation, detail: mixed media
82" x 105" x 14" (2009)
Photo: Hermann Feldhaus

Clare Churchouse was born in the UK and lives and works in NYC. She received an MFA Art, Reading University and a BA Visual Arts, Lancaster University, UK. Her work has been exhibited widely, including The Richard E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University; NYC's ISE Foundation, Silver Shed Project Space, and Art in General; Pierogi Gallery, Dumbo Arts Center and Smack Mellon, Brooklyn; A.P.T. Gallery, The Nunnery Gallery, and Clove 2 Gallery, London; Turnpike Gallery, Manchester; Triskell Arts Center, Cork; and Berlin’s Deutscher Kunstlerbund eV. Recent exhibitions include ‘Interventions II’ house project in Hudson, NY. She has participated in the International Studio and Curatorial Program, NYC; Triangle Workshop, NYC; Vermont Studio Center; and Art Omi, NY. Awards include a London Arts Board Artists Award, Birmingham University’s Barber Institute of Fine Arts Revision Award, and a John Anson Kittredge Educational Award. For more information, visit