Drawing Organizations Around the Globe

For opportunities and exhibitions regarding contemporary drawing, check out the following organizations and galleries:

National (United States)
The Drawing Center. (New York, N.Y.) is the only not-for-profit organization in the United States promoting drawing. It offers contemporary and historical exhibitions along with special programs.
Kentler International Drawing Space presents exhibits and has a flat file. It is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Centre for Recent Drawing, in London, England, is a museum space for drawings free of commercial gallery affiliations.
The Drawing Room, also in London, England, is the only public and non-profit organization dedicated to exhibiting international drawing in the UK and Europe.
The FID, headquartered in Paris, France. is an "independent cultural institution" that is currently resetting its course. It formally hosted the FID Prize, an international drawing prize.
DRAW-International, based in Caylus, France, is a  "center for action, research, and experimentation in art and design". It offers artist residencies on its beautiful grounds.
Drawing Spaces, located in Lisbon Portugal, supports collaborations between artists from Portugal and abroad. It hosts exhibitions, residencies, and research.
The Drawing Hub is a non-profit space for drawing practices, research, and exhibitions in Berlin Germany.
Drawing Centre Diepenheim, in the Netherlands, presents drawings from international artists.

Print Publications:
 ńĆasopis X or http://www.magazinex.org/en/shop/ is a print publication for presentingdrawing based works in Slovakia.