Jane Lackey: Shifting Space

My art practice shifts between creating drawings and building site-specific installations. In both formats, perception is filtered through transparency, accretion of materials, choreography of movement and participation. Drawings on translucent paper take on abstract characteristics of architecture and landscape schema. They articulate spatial relationships or systems that mirror the intricacy of the interior body. Looking at them, you see through the surface, sensing a place remembered or imagined. Map-like, their scale and delicate materials demand intimacy and time. Aspects of these drawings are starting points for three dimensional built environments in which you can walk – explore – respond. Translucent scrim walls demark space for sitting and interaction. An enveloping atmosphere reduces exterior awareness and provokes a gestalt of participation: writing, marking, tracing, thinking in silence and unexpected calm.

Interstices 05, paint on kokos paper, 19 x 25 inches, 2015

Interstices, paint on kokos paper, 25 x 38 inches, 2015.

Interstices 7, paint on kokos paper, 25 x 38 inches, 2015

Interstices 8, paint of kokos paper, 25 x 38 inches, 2015

Jane Lackey is a visual artist based in Santa Fe, NM. Whether sensual, biological or spatial, her works trace illusive aspects of information and communication. Mapped schema on paper expand to immersive installations. Intimate and hand held, or large scale and ambulatory, her works evoke self-reflection, scrutiny, comparison and interaction. Exhibition venues include the Wellcome Trust, London; I Space, Chicago; Exit Art, NYC; New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe and Tang Museum, NY. She has received grants from Artist Trust, Seattle, NEA, Illinois Arts Council and Grand Arts, Kansas City. Artist residencies include Camargo Foundation, France; La Napoule Foundation, France and the JUSFC/NEA Creative Artist Exchange Fellowship, Japan. Lackey earned her BFA from California College of the Arts and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Lackey was Professor at Kansas City Art Institute and Artist-in-Residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art.