Cindy Imhoff-Bruininks: Site on Site

I am drawn to the periphery of places, calling attention to what is not there as well as what may be.

I work in series, documenting daily experience in multiple ways as a means of contrasting the stereotypical with the unique. Interior spaces, landscapes, and objects such as buildings, cars, and fire hydrants come from sites that I see on my daily journeys. Images play with perspective and scale in a way that often converts the distant and unnoticed to the up-close and intimate.

Process is key to my work. "The World As It Goes By" is a series of plastic sculptures drawn from my car windows. I explore the process of drawing through tracing, cutting, and brushing acrylic shapes. The shapes provide a perimeter for miniature landscapes that float in and out of the periphery and evoke the fleeting moment and the daydream.

“Everywhere at Once” is a series of large-scale drawings that become continuous landscapes. Areas of density and confusion are contrasted with areas of rest as a means of exploring the rhythms of day-to-day existence. Each segment emphasizes what came before it and what might come next.

“Landscapes at Large” is a series of site-specific installations of drawings on plastic. Here line drawings from sites I see are re-introduced into the outside world by superimposing them onto vistas and tiny spaces.

Be it an instant, the mundane, or the imagined, I experience moments through art-making in order to perceive that which may be overlooked. I am interested in exploring the gap between where one is physically and where one longs to be. Through this interest my work becomes a meditation on the untouchable.

Cindy Imhoff-Bruininks is a Bay Area Artist and current member of Marin MOCA at the Novato Arts Center. She received a BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA in Art Practice from The University of California –Berkeley. Her work ranges from drawing, painting and collage, to wall sculptures and site-specific installations. Exhibitions and publications include: Bronx River Arts Center, Mesa Arts Center AZ, Southern Exposure SF CA, Holter Museum of Art MT, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley Art Museum and New American Paintings: MFA Annual. Awards include: Viewing Program, The Drawing Center (New York, NY) and Affiliate Artist, Headlands Center for the Arts. For more information visit: