Chuyen Huynh: Spatial Drawing and Memory

Danger! High Voltage Detail

Heat War

Life's a Brick

Radiator Sufer


Breaking Into the Blue

Children of the Vines

At the End of the Rainbow

It's a Bear's Life

The Meaning of Green

My installations evolve naturally in relation to each new space with a minimal use of materials.

I’m interested in inciting a sense of dislocation by deconstructing spaces to reflect shadows and memories of unfamiliar landscapes, interrupted vistas, and unexpected obstacles. I envision my installations as a sculptural playground that blurs the lines between artwork and setting.

In my playground, one experiences boundless sense of space, motion, emotion, and freedom for interpretation. There is no place for replication. Each vision is fleeting like a moment of thought in time.

I aim to explore a visual state of union between multi-cultural fabled anecdotes, surreal narratives, and the role of anthropocentrism in the contemporary cosmic world. 

In my drawings, a variety of characters carry out individual ventures and experiences. There are no central roles; only participants performing a conceptual play of free association and speculation. And all contribute to a singular theme: an uncanny vision of the bridge connecting parallel dimensions and time. 


Chuyen Huynh is a Vietnamese-American artist who is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.