Nicholas Knight: Text and Image

Three (Dis)Entangled Propositions, 2014.  Rubber stamps.

Blaise Pascal, 2013.  Iron-on transfers on canvas.

Corrupt File with Metadata, 2013.  Iron-on transfers on muslin.

Everything That Is Incomprehensible, 2014.  Iron-on transfers on thrift-store t-shirt.

Hello World (Who Let The Nerds Out), 2014.  Mixed media on muslin.

Hello World Apples, 2014.  Thirty-two photographs on muslin.

Metaphysical Doctrine (Twice), 2013.  Oil on canvas.

Metaphysical Doctrine (Twice), 2013.  Graphite on wall.

Permission Slip. 2010.  Printed tear-off pad.

Place and Time, 2014.  Billboard

Nicholas Knight lives and works in New York.  For more information, visit